Hurley Hospital

Name of Hospital: Hurley Hospital

City, State/Province, Country: Flint, MI, USA

Number of Stars: 2.5

Comment: I was held in an inpatient program at Hurley for a total of 12 days, during which I was given medication which caused adverse side effects to the point of physical impairment. When I tried to bring this up to the nurses on the unit and asked not to be given the medicine which was causing this reaction, I was accused of denying treatment and was threatened with confinement or forced administration of the medicine. During my stay, my mother was denied contact with me for 5 days despite my having signed a waiver allowing the hospital to talk to her about my condition. Group activities were fairly regular, usually a game or art project, and allowed for relative freedom, and food was of expected hospital quality. The unit allowed most outside clothes as long as there were no long strings or straps, and allowed certain personal items like books.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): inpatient

2 thoughts on “Hurley Hospital

  1. My son is there and despite a release I have been unable to speak to anyone regarding his treatment. He too has had adverse reactions to medications and I need to make sure he is ok. This is nerve wracking.


  2. The place is total crock shit. My medications were never changed and i was kept there for no other reason than “regulation” even though i was not trying to harm myself. I ended up losing my job during my stay and the food was horrible. I also got sepsis from the iv i had.


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