Montevista Hospital

Name of Hospital: Montevista Hospital

City, State/Province, Country: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Number of Stars: 1

Comment: Speaking only about the adolescent program here, I haven’t been in their adult program. The only staff that was friendly was the basic day/night staff. The nurses/psychiatrists/case managers/etc. were very bad at what they did. In my personal experience I upright told the case manager I was forced to go in there and most the stuff told to them to put me in there was made up and they ignored it as well as all of my needs. Most of the day is spent watching television with short breaks to have “group therapy” which isn’t even really therapy but more sitting around in a circle and going around saying why you’re here before going onto a completely unrelated topic. Their therapy program focuses on the “Pillars of Character”, and very little of it is actual therapy but more preaching to you about how to be a good person. In my experience, you sort of have to lie to the doctor to get anywhere, they pretty much won’t listen to your progress unless you tell them exactly what they want to hear each day they come to visit. Visitation time is limited to 3 days a week, and an hour per patient no matter how many people come visit. You have to beg to be taken outside to their courtyard and even then they only let you stay out a half hour a day usually. Overall, I do not recommend this place for any reason ever. They are very unprofessional and poorly managed. Be wary.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): inpatient

One thought on “Montevista Hospital

  1. I was at Montevista in 2005, at age 23, and it’s disappointing to find that not much has changed since then. I was essentially left to myself for two of my three-day stay, only required to go to meals on the second day and sitting through one pointless “group session” the morning before I left. The first day I was there I was allowed to lie in my bed reading or sleeping all day, roused only for vitals every few hours. The only good things about my stay were that I got to see a psychiatrist faster than I would have if I’d made an appointment on the outside (commonly a three-month wait) and it kept me under observation during a time of extraordinary stress when I might have been a danger to myself, the latter of which could have been accomplished with a vigilant babysitter.


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