Dominion Hospital

Name of Hospital: Reflections at Dominion Hospital (Eating Disorder Unit)

City, State/Province, Country: Falls Church, Virginia, USA

Number of Stars: 2

Comment: Some of the staff are very knowledgeable and caring and helpful, but most of them are not. The meals are very structured which I feel is beneficial, but there are almost no groups during the day. The staff tend to pick favorites and treat the rest of the patients rather poorly. The rooms are clean, but the day room is not. The PHP and Inpatient patients are together from 7am-7pm. The bedroom doors are locked during the day, and you are not allowed to use the bathroom during meals even with someone watching/listening. During the day, you are able to use the toilet with a staff member standing at the door with the door cracked open. There is a curtain so they do not see you. There are 2 beds in 1 room, a bathroom which includes a shower.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Inpatient and PHP (PHP is Day treatment)

Any other identities/marginalizations i.e. race/gender/sexuality that could have influenced your stay?: Yes, I am female, and males are able to be patients, which i feel gives me an advantage since Eating Disorders are highly stigmatized amongst males, which I feel gave me an advantage with how I was treated. I feel as though my age may have also been a factor in the quality of the IP and PHP stays I’ve had there, in a negative way. If you are under 20 they seem to treat you worse (I was under 20)

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