Rouge Valley Centenary

Name of Hospital: Rouge Valley Centenary

City, State/Province, Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Number of Stars: 2

Comment: I’ve stayed here twice (in the adolescent ward), once for a week and the second time for three days. The first time I got there I was terrified, they wrapped me in a sheet and strapped me to a stretcher to get there even though I was fully capable of walking. I don’t know if this is just routine but I was very confused and scared. Upon getting there they confiscated everything I had on me except my underwear. The rooms had nothing in them except a bed, sink, mirror, and toilet. We were punished for talking to the other patients too much, anything more than polite conversation got us sent to our rooms for the rest of the day.

The day was structured, there was a board to show the schedule, but 90% of that was just fancy ways of saying we needed to sit in our rooms and think about why we were here. They gave me around 100 printed sheets of activities to do, boring simple stuff if you already have background in DBT, which I said I did. Whenever I got tired of doing these worksheets or if I got antsy they’d yell at me. I also told them I wouldn’t talk with my parents and if they brought them in I would have a shutdown, but they didn’t listen and brought them in anyway and when I shutdown they locked me in a small closet/office type room.

They brought in another patient one day who cried when they asked her to give up her necklace because she hadn’t taken it off since her grandfather died. She was obviously extremely stressed and they were unsympathetic, they called security and she was tranquilized. She spent the next day screaming and crying in the hallway nonstop and they did nothing to help her. I was threatened a lot by the nurses who said if I didn’t comply they’d never let me go and I’d be put in child services. They told me I’d never get a job and no one would ever stay with me if I acted up.

Food was bad but they did have a vegetarian option, although they forgot to bring it for the patient who was vegetarian a lot. We weren’t let outside ever but we did have ‘school’, where everyone sat together to do their worksheets. No visitors except your parents are allowed, and only for an hour a day. All in all a pretty stressful place, I felt very dehumanized. The second time was better because I knew what to say to get out but still not good.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): inpatient

Any other identities/marginalizations i.e. race/gender/sexuality that could have influenced your stay?: I’m gay and nonbinary, the psych there didn’t understand trans people at all? I’m also mixed race but I don’t think that was an issue.

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