Community North

Name of Hospital: Community North

City, State/Province, Country: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Number of Stars: 1

Comment: (Review based on my hospitalization in 2011) Completely unhelpful and traumatizing experience. Majority of staff was inept.

-Started me on two medications at once, despite my constant insistence that I was extremely sensitive to medications and needed to start slower. They forced me to take both at the same time, and I vomited over twelve times throughout the night.

-Since my anxiety was so bad that I could barely eat, they threatened me with a feeding tube, and then insisted on giving me a dairy-based nutritional supplement, even though it was noted in my file I have a severe dairy allergy and I kept telling them that. They punished me for refusing to drink it, despite the fact it would have made me horribly ill.

-We watched as my 12 year old roommate be taken to the floor by 2 adult men and put in restraint and seclusion for many hours because she had a (nonviolent) meltdown after being forced to stop pacing when she was distressed

-Despite the fact I was no longer suicidal after my first two days, they refused to release me for 7 days, despite saying when I was admitted that I would be released in 5 days if I wasn’t in danger.

-I was punished for refusing to talk to my abusive mother when she visited (all I did was sit in silence, but that was seen as disobedient behavior) -Everyone was assumed to be disobedient and deserving of punishment until we proved otherwise. Rules were inconsistently applied.

-The only actual mental health related things provided were packets you had to complete. None of them were remotely helpful, and usually only vaguely related to why we were in there.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): inpatient

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