Springwoods Behavioral Health

Name of Hospital: Springwoods Behavioral Health

City, State/Province, Country: Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

Number of Stars: 1.5

Comment: Most of the “group activities” never ended up happening, with the group stuck in a room unable to do anything but color. Many of the exercises that were done seemed very arbitrary. There was a tv, but often during breaks we were told we couldn’t be in the break room without being given any explanation. Patients can bring books from home, but have very limited room time, and the rooms aren’t always accessible when the schedule says they are. The main form of entertainment is coloring pages, though they rarely brought in new coloring pages and most of the crayons/markers were broken/dried out. No blank paper for drawing was allowed, and we weren’t allowed regular pencils or pens.

Though some of the staff seemed genuinely concerned for patient well-being several were not. One therapist told me – while in group – that my prior self-harm was “just trying to be cool” because of my age at the time. All staff seem to have conflicting opinions on what the rules are, making it feel like you’re walking on eggshells. While I was there the doors to the bathrooms were being removed and replaced with curtains, even though the staff were already able to enter whenever they wanted. I brought my medicine with me when I was admitted, and when I was discharged the staff tried to tell me I hadn’t brought any medicine, only to find out after an hour they’d put my medicine with another group’s items. The staff repeatedly gave false information to my family and threw away some of my non-contraband belongings without explanation, then denied I’d brought it.

The food was wonderful – there are a lot of varied options, and the cooks went out of their way to make sure there was a vegetarian option at every meal when I mentioned my diet restrictions.

The staff told me I was “refusing to participate” despite going to every group activity and making an effort to get involved. Group therapy was good.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): inpatient

Any other identities/marginalizations (i.e. race/gender/sexuality) that could have influenced your stay?: Gay, pagan, autistic

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