Jersey Shore Hospital

Name of Hospital: Jersey Shore Hospital

City, State/Province, Country: Long Branch, NJ, USA

Number of Stars: 1

Comment: Out of all the wards I’ve been to, this is by far the worst. The residence itself is very small and gives a claustrophobic feel. To make matters worse we were not allowed to go outside at all, and none of the windows opened, so there was no way to get any exercise or fresh air.

The staff was incredibly incompetent and actively acted like they either didn’t care or expected the patients to attack them. I had a very bad episode while in there where I could not verbalize what was wrong and all the attending nurse did was roll her eyes and tell me that if I couldn’t tell her what was wrong, there was nothing she could do.

There were also no group therapy sessions at all, just classes where they handed out DBT worksheets. The food was absolute garbage. Only highlight was there were several payphones and we could make calls whenever we wanted. Truly a hell hole. If you are suicidal I would not recommend going because all it’s going to do is make you want to die more.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): inpatient

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