Fairfax Hospital

Name of Hospital: Fairfax Hospital

City, State/Province, Country: Kirkland, WA, USA

Number of Stars: 2.5

Comment: I’ve been both inpatient and done PHP(day program) at Fairfax multiple times. I’m going to review the inpatient and partial program separately as I have completely opposite opinion towards both programs.

The inpatient unit is way too understaffed, the last time I was there someone attempted suicide and nearly suceeded and probably would have if it wasn’t for the fact that their roommate woke up in the middle of the attempt. For every 40 patients theirs only about 3 nurses and 2-3 support staff. When problems arise the whole place just turns into utter chaos. The staff is extremely unhappy so unhappy that their’s actually a public Facebook page where they discuss safety concerns and how the hospital ignores them and treats the staff horribly. The doctors can be extremely rude. Nearly all their good doctors have left.

No real therapy happens, their are groups but the groups aren’t well run for the most part and extremely dry. I’ve seen them kick patients out who are self harming and contemplating suicide because their distractions to other patients putting the patient in danger. Don’t plan on any individual therapy sessions as that doesn’t happen there. The cost to be there is $3,000 a day, I’ve been to better facilities for an $1,000 an day with 4 therapy sessions a week, stellar group therapy, and double the nurses and triple the support staff.

The PHP on the other hand is a totally different world and I’ve had absolutely stellar experiences with their PHP and would recommend their PHP to anyone looking for an PHP as its the best one I’ve ever been to. Their PHP will typically have no more than 12 patients at a time and when they do have 12 patients they tend to split groups. Their doctor is not the same as the last time I went from what I’ve been told who left when she started a family but she was absolutely fabulous and extremely knowledgable and probably my favorite psychiatrist I’ve ever worked with. If she ever went into private practice I would definitely without an doubt hire her as my psychiatrist. I’ve heard really good things about the psychiatrist they have there now from patients whom been in the program recently.

A nurse they have there is also probably my favorite Fairfax nurse I’ve ever had, she used to work inpatient and was a great inpatient nurse. She’s extremely knowledgable and runs various groups including an nutrition group, as well as a very knowledgable medication education group. She’s also extremely easy to talk to and pretty funny, when ever we’d chat she’d always be able to make me smile and laugh even when I didn’t feel like smiling and laughing.

The therapist they have in the partial program are also probably the best therapist they have at Fairfax in my opinion, they run some great groups and the groups are very engaging. Also they do more individual therapy there than they do at inpatient and are much easier to speak to regarding any concerns.

So I’m giving Fairfax 2 1/2 stars which in other words 1 star for the inpatient program and 5 stars for the PHP program. It’s hard to believe both are owned by the same company as their inpatient is probably the worst inpatient I’ve ever gone to while their PHP is the best PHP I’ve ever gone to.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): PHP (Day Program), Inpatient

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