Fairmount Behavioral Health

Name of Hospital: Fairmount Behavioral Health (partial program)

City, State/Province, Country: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Number of Stars: 1

Comment: Really, the best I can say of this program is that they kept us busy and fed us. It consisted of some 20 to 30 adults sitting in a single crowded room around a circle of tables for an entire day, aside from two 15 minute smoke breaks, and doing absolutely nothing helpful to anyone. Every so often they’d take you out to talk to an overworked therapist, and on your first and last day you saw the psychiatrist to talk about your meds. The things that most concerned me, though: 1) They knew I am autistic; it was in my paperwork and I’d discussed it with them when joining them. There was a day when I was struggling, so I went into an empty hallway to pace up and down to try to self-soothe, keeping my eyes closed because the light was too much for me to handle. A therapist came out and told me that walking up and down with closed eyes was a safety concern and I would need to open my eyes if I wanted to pace, so I stopped walking instead and switched to rocking so I could keep my eyes closed. When she saw me rocking in the hallway with closed eyes doing absolutely nothing disruptive to the group and posing no danger to anyone, myself included, she started threatening to send me to inpatient if I didn’t shape up. 2) When I was talking to my therapist in our one on one session and mentioned that I was having suicidal thoughts, she took no time to discuss them with me or discover the severity before sending me back to join the group for the latest inane activity.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): partial hospitalization

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