Fairmount Behavioral Health

Name of Hospital: Fairmount Behavioral Health

City, State/Province, Country: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Number of Stars: 2

Comment: It was warehousing people who were off their meds. The staff were professional at worst and some of them took the time to engage with patients, but the daily activities were all busywork and there was nothing helpful to be had. It was impossible to get in touch with a doctor post-intake, so if you needed meds adjusted or added on, you were out of luck.

They offered to let me see a therapist and the first time I got to talk to him was the day I was being discharged. If you had special dietary considerations, you needed the approval of the on-site nutritionist in order to get your meals adjusted accordingly, but no effort was made to bring me into contact with any such person when I expressed the need.

There are rules against patients having stuffed animals or bringing in their own blankets, which is extremely problematic coming from the perspective of someone who often needs my weighted teddy bear or weighted blanket to help me self-soothe. There were also issues with my friends getting turned away on visitation day because the computer system had me registered on another ward, as well as them losing one of my personal belongings and nothing being done about it.

All rooms were 2 person, assigned by gender, and I didn’t feel comfortable asking further questions about how they approached the issue of gender. It was helpful because I needed supervision while I stabilized, but that’s really the best I can say.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): inpatient

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