Cedar Ridge

Name of Hospital: Cedar Ridge

City, State/Province, Country: Oklahoma City, OK, USA.

Number of Stars: 1

Comment: I live about 3 hours from this hospital but due to the severity (suicide attempt) of my situation, my mom & I made an executive decision to drive me there. I was only supposed to be in a 48 hour crisis hold but, without my mother’s consent, they put my in a residential area instead & planned to keep me for over a month even though all the doctors there said I wasn’t their ‘typical patient’ & that i wasn’t ‘as bad’ as most of the patients they get.

All of the nurses, doctors, etc. were EXTREMELY rude & absolutely jaded. I passed out due to stress my first day & the main nurse I saw the most of told me I was stupid & that I was faking it. During my stay I got called multiple names from the nurses, got pulled into lots of unnecessary drama BECAUSE of the nurses. I was there to GET BETTER, & honestly I believe if it were just me & all the other kids, no nurses, I might’ve left feeling better but I didn’t.

We had to exercise every day because it was apart of our ‘treatment plan’ which is all fine & good, but about a week in, I screwed up my ankle & it was VISIBLY hurt (bruising & swelling) & I was told by the main nurse that if I didn’t run the almost 2 miles every day despite my injury, I would get my pass (it’s like furlough) taken from me. I physically COULD NOT run so I got a privilege taken from me when it was confirmed by other nurses & even the doctor that there was definitely something wrong with my ankle. (I was in a brace for A MONTH after leaving).

There was a mentally disabled girl on my hall that the nurses called r*tarded & made fun of for the way she talked/dressed. She was basically made into a HUGE joke.

We had this thing called 10-foot which was basically if you acted up or did anything the nurses didn’t like, you would be completely isolated (which is obviously an issue amongst mentally ill people so ?? why would they think that was okay is beyond me) from everyone & put in a chair feet away from every else. you couldn’t talk to anyone or eat next to anyone (we also had to be completely silent during meals like prisoners) & if you disobeyed the rules, you were punished even harsher.

They changed my medicine without consulting my mom & due to our location, my mom couldn’t come get me for quite awhile (they called my mom after my 48 hours & said I wanted to be there a few more days which basically lost me my ride. I never said that.) They shamed her for taking me out AMA & wouldn’t give me my medicine /because/ of being taken out AMA so I had to make an expensive shrink appointment just to get my medicine THEY prescribed to me. This is honestly one of the worst 4 weeks I ever had to experience & I STILL have nightmares about it.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Residential Inpatient

Any other identities/marginalizations (i.e. race/gender/sexuality) that could have influenced your stay?: I am a transgender male & I was told by the nurses that I had to wear a bra instead of my binder (despite it being medical approved; i wore it anyways) & they refused to use my preferred named (which is my actual middle name that my mom put down on my ‘preferred name’ on the application thing) & they even used disgusting slurs (tr*nny mostly) towards me & made a lot of jokes about me.

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