Integris Decisions Day Treatment

Name of Hospital: Integris Decisions Day Treatment

City, State/Province, Country: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Number of Stars: 4.5

Comment: I’ve been in treatment here twice. I think I received better treatment here than when I was inpatient. There are 2 levels of treatment here: partial hospitalization and outpatient partial day. Normally you start out on the partial hospitalization (9am – 3:30pm) for 2-3 weeks, then you step down to the partial day (10:30am – 2:30pm). There is an educational group first thing in the day. You then go to a group setup where everyone is given a chance to talk about what they are going through and how they can cope with their issues. After lunch, you go back to your 2nd group and continue discussions. The last group of the day is usually centered around medication education, recreational therapy or weekly wrap-up.

The 2nd and 3rd group you meet with your assigned therapist. The first and last groups, you meet with another therapist or a caseworker or social worker. You also have times to see your psychiatrist during the day. The first few weeks, you see your psychiatrist daily.

After a few weeks you will see them a couple times a week, but you can request to see them more often and you will be seen. There are also nurses on site that you can talk to about your medications or any other problems you may have. This program also treats addiction issues. This is by far the best treatment setup I’ve been in and I’ve been inpatient 3 times. I will definitely consider this my first option if I need a daily treatment program again.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Day program/partial hospitalization

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