Peachford Hospital

Name of Hospital: Peachford Hospital

City, State/Province, Country: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Number of Stars: 1.5

Comment: At my weekend arrival, I met with an oncall psychiatrist for intake, and explained that I had agreed to be referred to outpatient therapy, not inpatient, and I wanted to leave. The oncall/weekend psychiatrist agreed that it was an error and the regular staff would dismiss me on the next business day. On the following Monday, I suddenly needed to be stabilized, and it took exactly as long to stabilize me as my insurance would pay. Incidentally, the only change they made to “stabilize” me was the addition of a vitamin to better absorb the medication I was already prescribed.

No one could or would explain how to be discharged to me or members of my family, only that I needed to wait until the weekend was over, and then 72 hours after the start of business on Monday, and then until I was stabilized after the 72 hours were up. Overcrowded and under staffed, and somehow that was my problem, as a patient.

During my stay, they switched men and women’s halls because they admitted more women than they could handle (read: for more money), filling an overflow hall with additional women.I recall not being allowed back into my room for my own sanitary products because it was on the overflow hall, out of the way, and staff was unwilling to accompany. I was not allowed to shower daily because there were not enough showers for everyone to get through with staff still able to do 15 minute checks.

Staff fought, argued, and yelled about how miserable their jobs were during the night shift. When I asked if they could be quiet, I was told to go back to my bed, that I was exaggerating their noise level, that it was much noisier in a real hospital. When I explained this as the cause for my lack of sleep to my assigned psychiatrist, he stated that it couldn’t have happened, and that in fact it did not happen, blatantly gaslighting me.

Vitamin D from sunlight is known to boost moods. Spending time outside is generally regarded as being good for your health. Unfortunately, we were only allowed outside in the courtyards when a staff member was willing to unlock the door and keep track of us. This willingness hinged on their mood and how annoyed they were with patient. If one patient asked a staff member one too many times to go outside, they would revoke the privilege out of spite, for all of the patients.

In general, I was spoken to as if I was incapable of understanding my own circumstances and treatment and laughed at when I described the experience as being like prison. Overall, unfriendly and unhappy staff, psychiatrists playing the system for insurance money, psychological abuse used to control and manipulate patients. I can’t rate lower than 1, but I am giving .5 stars for the feel good group activity where we wrote nice things about each other on paper taped to our backs!

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Inpatient

Any other identities/marginalizations (i.e. race/gender/sexuality) that could have influenced your stay?: Queer

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