AllianceHealth Midwest

Name of Hospital: Midwest Regional/Alliance Health Midwest

City, State/Province, Country: Midwest City, Oklahoma, United States

Number of Stars: 4

Comment: I have been inpatient at this hospital twice. The first time, it was Midwest Regional and the second time (2 years later) it is now Alliance Health Midwest. When I was first admitted (both times) I was checked to make sure I didn’t have anything on me I could harm myself with (shoelaces, razors, knives, etc.). I was never fully strip searched though, just had to let them check my waistband on my pants, check my shoes, etc. You saw your psychiatrist daily and there were scheduled groups during the day. There was a TV room (that also had games and puzzles), a dining room, and a common area. Patients were assigned 2 to a room. My second stay though I had my own room for a few days.

There were 2 wards on my second visit, but we were combined on my second day because there were so few patients. Food was good and staff really cared about your well-being. I only had issues with one staff member each visit.

My first visit, there was only supposed to be one patient at the med window at a time. I was getting my meds one evening and another patient kept coming up and interrupting the med nurse. I asked her politely to step back a couple of times as she was quite close to me. One of the staff got mad at me and told me the lady was fine, even though she was invading my privacy and violating HIPPA laws.

My second visit, I was originally assigned to see my psychiatrist, but only his PA was coming in. His PA asked me about my current medications. He treated me like I was self medicating because he didn’t feel like I should’ve been on two of them at the same time. I explained I was just following my doctor’s instructions. He treated me like I was clueless and constantly talked down to me like I was incompetent.

I ended up filing a complaint on him and refused to see him again, stating I would only see my actual assigned psychiatrist. I was seen by the hospital administrator the very next day. He was super nice and listened to my concerns. He informed me I was not the only person to file a complaint on this specific PA and that the hospital would be reviewing his performance and employment. I only saw my actual psychiatrist from there on out and he was very helpful and considerate. He treated everyone like actual people.

Group sessions were very good and kept on schedule. They were always educational and everyone was given time to talk. Aftercare/follow up appointments were taken care of and explained before discharged. We had visitation hours daily and could use the phones any time groups weren’t in session. Overall, this is a good place to go if you need that level of care. Even though nobody really wants to be in the hospital for any reason, this place is a good place to go.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Inpatient

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