Memorial Behavioral Health

Name of Hospital: Memorial Behavioral Health

City, State/Province, Country: Gulfport, Mississippi, USA

Number of Stars: 5

Comment: My stay here was 5 days. My only complaints were one of the cafeteria workers who treated us as if we were inferior & couldn’t understand one from two. My other complaint is about one of the psychiatrists. He is cold, crass, and difficult to talk to. I was admitted on a Friday after hours, so I didn’t meet my social worker until the day before I left. They gently woke us up for vitals, made sure everyone who was going to breakfast was awake, etc. I especially liked that right before bed, we had a night time snack of our choice. We were always busy doing something (whether in our own peer groups, activities, groups, etc).

The first day or so you are admitted, you are put on suicide watch and are not allowed to leave the campus (which means you can’t go to the cafeteria to choose your own food, any activities, etc). The staff, all shifts, were amazing. They were soft, caring, but didn’t take any shit. When there was a problem, they immediately calmed the patient down gently, and tried to get to the root of the problem. The entirety of MBH is on a philosophy of working towards not needing medicines, but understanding that it’s sometimes unavoidable and that that’s okay too. They gave meds on time, and tried to get to know everyone that was in there. (It’s an 8-10 bed facility).

Beyond my 2 complaints, I still give them 5 stars because the 2 people that I had complaints about, weren’t people I communicated at length with. (I saw the inpatient psychiatrist 2 times while I was inpatient, and then 2 times while in partial. After that, thankfully I went back to my personal psychiatrist).

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Inpatient

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