Western Psychiatric Bellefield Clinic

Name of Hospital: Western Psychiatric Bellefield Clinic

City, State/Province, Country: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Number of Stars: 4.5

Comment: I was in an outpatient program that included group therapy, personal therapy, and personal psychiatric consultations. The staff were very attentive and the therapy was very engaging and organized. They handled the group sessions fairly well even when frictions occurred between group members; I was in an all-female group, which was much more comfortable for me than a co-ed group.

The hospital offered several options for therapy (single gender, mixed, different tiers of care so that you could adjust to more or less time in the hospital as needed). The psychiatrist was more distant but still listened very well; they took my concerns about medication seriously and were very clear about why specific medications were chosen for me, including side-effects, risk of addiction, etc.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Intensive outpatient (9 hours/week)

Any other identities/marginalizations (i.e. race/gender/sexuality) that could have influenced your stay?: Ciswoman in an all-female program

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