New Horizons

Name of Hospital: New Horizons

City, State/Province, Country: Fort Pierce, Florida, United States

Number of Stars: 2

Comment: I have been Baker Acted* to this hospital about three times and every time I experience the same problems. I’ve been to better hospitals with much more polite staff members and professionals. As someone who has seen many therapists, I know the most important part of maintaining a pleasant and healthy environment for a mentally ill individual is by showing sympathy and giving respect. Barely any of the staff members show any respect to the patients.

One of the nurses admitted to me that they do not read the forms they make you sign when you are first admitted, even though the forms ask “Are you comfortable with a male/female staff member?” or “Are you comfortable with physical contact?”. It only proves how little they care about their patients. A child bit me while I was there and there was no action taken.

The staff members are very argumentative when asked questions or when interrogating patients about their personal affairs. A transgender patient was there, and they purposely ignored his pronouns, used the wrong name, and made him bunk with the girls. They do not check for injuries when you are let out, only proving more that they don’t care about their patient’s personal welfare. They rarely answered my parent’s calls. Their surveillance of the patients is horribly lazy.

The girls in the room beside mine were having sexual relations and I could hear it, but no nurses did anything about it. I doubt they cared. They cared more about me making my bed than my safety or well-being, and that hurt me. These people were supposed to help me, and not one time did they show that they cared for me or my mental health- or anyone else’s. Their goal seemed to be to tell children that their feelings were their fault, and told me that my abuse was my fault because of the way I reacted. Completely unprofessional. The psychologist didn’t even know what the disorders I mentioned were.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Inpatient

Any other identities/marginalizations (i.e. race/gender/sexuality) that could have influenced your stay?: I am a female and was often teased for being ‘too sensitive’ by the male staff members. They told my parent that I was upset with them but did not explain that this was the reason why.

*Florida Mental Health Act that allows the involuntary commitment of people if judged a danger to themselves or others by law enforcement, judges, or other authorities.

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