Lancaster General Hospital

Name of Hospital: Lancaster General Hospital

City, State/Province, Country: Lancaster, PA, USA

Number of Stars: 4

Comment: When compared to the treatment I received at other facilities, I really appreciated how kind many of the staff were and respected I was. In the Emergency room, it was scary, but I was treated well and I was able to use the phone to make some calls. The BH unit in the ER is very prison-like, but I assume that is because LGH is where involuntary patients are brought. Interestingly, in the ER, the BH unit was full so I was left alone in a standard ER room with the door shut. And there were TONS of sharps and other things which could harm me. SO, that was a moronic move on the part of the ER staff.

Upstairs, I was treated kindly. It is group-based as many programs are. There is no time for individual 1:1 therapy. You do meet with your psychiatrist and social worker. The staff is very kind. They do not immediately jump to restraints and injections for non-compliant patients. The nurses check-in at the beginning of their shift with each of their assigned patients (usually 4-6/nurse) to see where safety risks are, and how they are doing and encourage them to go to groups and to leave their room. There was only one nurse who tried really hard to do some counseling and she was so, so nice to me. I was able to use the wireless phone and take it back to my room when I was having a hard day. The psychiatrists really love meds. That was the first thing they suggested for me during my first stay.

Overall, I am pleased with the treatment I received. It is helpful to reduce the immediate safety concerns and let the feelings dissipate (“ride the wave”). It is not going to solve all problems, and it is not there to completely treat you, its sole purpose is to allow you to stabilize enough to be discharged to outpatient services. They will not discharge you without ensuring that those appointments to see a M.D. and a therapist are set up. Either with who you saw before, or a LGH outpatient provider and/or family doctor (for med management).

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Inpatient

Year(s) : 2015, 2016

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