The Hills Clinic Kellyville

Name of Hospital: The Hills Clinic Kellyville
City, State/Province, Country: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Number of Stars: 4.5 stars

Comment: There is a huge difference between public and private hospitals in Australia. Public hospitals feel more like prisons, while private ones feel more like hotels.

I stayed in the clinic voluntarily for a month in 2016. The admission process is quite easy, and I was able to admit myself the day after inquiry. Though there is lots of paperwork to fill in, the staff are very helpful and physical admission allows patients to feel very welcome, with only a few hours of waiting.

The hospital has a very pleasant youth ward called The Loft. It is designed fantastically with beautiful murals and paintings and a stylish common area. bedrooms are either single or double and are incredibly spacious and aesthetically appealing. The rest of the hospital grounds are also beautiful, and the gardens are particularly relaxing and pleasant. One of my favourite things about it was that pets are allowed to visit, and often fellow patient’s families bring in their dogs, cats and other for cuddles. Made such a huge difference for me in my stay.

Each day is filled with a variety of group classes on CBT, DBT, ACT. The program is divided into two sections, addiction and mood. In addition to this, there are art therapy, mindfulness, music therapy, gym, horticulture, yoga, tai chi and martial arts classes. They’re all quite interesting, though I found some of the outside instructors a little patronising.

The staff are incredibly helpful and kind, though tough on contraband and holding some items. They give you room to breathe though, and are compassionate when you make mistakes. The nurses are the perfect mix of caring and firm, and honestly have the patient’s best interest in mind.

Patients receive both group and individual therapies with psychologists and psychiatrists. Medical doctors are also available on site.

I disliked my psychiatrist strongly, as he was often quite harsh on me and didn’t seem to take the effort to understand me, which was pretty unhelpful and upsetting, but the nurses were very sympathetic, and the option to change psychiatrists was offered.

The food at this hospital is absolutely amazing! I have never been fed so well in my life, and the range of options is fantastic. My friends enjoyed coming to visit because they were able to get a good meal and sit outside in the garden and have a really relaxing time.

One thing I find a little lacking in the program is that there aren’t really any specific programs for people with personality disorders or psychotic illnesses. A fair amount of the people I stayed with seemed to be very mildly unwell, but I guess that shows how welcoming the place is.

Outpatient/Day patient groups are also highly recommended, and I have completed two. There is a range of 12 week CBT, DBT, ACT and ‘addictions’ classes as well as a 1 year DBT course which is highly recommended for people who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder.

I highly recommend the clinic for these reasons. It is a place for healing, and to take a break from stressors at home before or during a mental health relapse. Relapse prevention is also taught well and transition back to normal life afterwards is guided pretty well.

Type of program: inpatient

Year(s): 2016

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