Eastern State Hospital Crisis Stabilization Unit

Name of Hospital: Eastern State Hospital Crisis Stabilization Unit

City/state, province/country: Lexington, KY, USA

Number of Stars: 5

Comment: Eastern State’s Crisis Stabilization Unit was there for me when I really needed it. I voluntarily committed myself after a long period of crisis. They were the first place to take me in after several failed attempts at other facilities.

I shared a room with three other people. There was a small library, art supplies, a few nice lounges, and a small courtyard out back for walking around. The food was ok, and the facility was a bit dated, but the access to counselors was GREAT. If I recall, we had one individual and two group sessions each day. The staff was kind, and the other residents were, too. I really appreciated the access to art supplies and the tolerance of my unusual sleeping patterns.

By this point, I had had enough transphobic experiences with health professionals in the area that I chose not to disclose my gender identity. I didn’t have any problems on that front.

Most importantly, the Unit allowed me time and space to stabilize, which was exactly what I needed.

Type of program(i.e. day program, inpatient): inpatient

Any other identities (i.e. race/gender/sexuality/other mental health needs and disabilities) that could have influenced your stay?: non-binary trans person

Year(s): 2013

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