Lakeridge Health

Name of Hospital: Lakeridge Health

City, State/Province, Country: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Number of Stars: 4 stars

Comment: Ward was clean and well looked after. The staff was caring and patient, but had control. Had a firmly structured day that you had to adhere to. Had lots of food available, although it was bad hospital food. I have no dietary restriction so unsure how they deal with those.

Was only in for 24 hrs but my stay was as good as it could be. was brought in in the evening because of suicidal thoughts, was released the next day once I stabilized so I did not see many of the activities available. I saw: yoga, relaxation, developing coping skills, art, and free time.

Negatives: was forced to wear a gown and to shower there, but these are things that I was personally uncomfortable with, and the staff handled it as well as they could. They also tried to avoid having the patients talk to each other, which was weird but not a problem for me.

Positives: clean facility. well trained staff. accommodating, but structured. good atmosphere. nice rooms.

Type of program: inpatient/suicide watch

Other identities/marginalizations: Am transgender, but didn’t affect my stay at all.

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