Benedictine Hospital

Name of Hospital: Benedictine Hospital

City, State/Province, Country: Kingston, NY, USA

Number of Stars: 1

Comment: This is going to be tough on me to recall. I was only there for one night and half a day, and it was one of the worste hospital experiences I ever had.

It started with them not bothering to alert anyone when there was breakfast. So they don’t care if you eat. When I asked about it, they said I probably wouldn’t want it anyway – just powdered eggs. I thought eating regularly was important for mental health but apparently not to them.

Immediately walking into the hallway I noticed patients aimlessly walking the halls and sitting rocking back and forth on the floors. Nurses didn’t care or seem to notice. I felt like I had been transported to the 50s.

I called my parents to tell them to come get me and “dont leave without me.” Well that ended up not being a problem because of what happened next.

I had a meeting with my “treatment team” none of whom I had met before, mind you they never had me speak to a doctor of any kind or a therapist. Well they pulled me into a room and told me I “had enough coping skills” and they were discharging me. Mind you, I sit before them with two arms still covered in cuts, having been brought in by police. I said “What coping skills?” and they said “You know…coping skills” they couldn’t identify any.

I insisted that I needed help and they told me that my parents “probably wouldn’t want to pay for it” and I said I knew my parents better than them and I’m suicidal and she ignored me. I asked her, if she had a family member, a daughter, with cancer, wouldn’t she do anything in her power to pay for her treatment? And the lady goes “If I could afford it.”

So they discharged me, and I got out of there and went somewhere else.

Mind you, I had health insurance that their hospital accepted.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Acute Adult Inpatient

Year(s) : 2010

One thought on “Benedictine Hospital

  1. I also had a very bad experience at this facility. Within hours of being involuntarily wheeled onto the ward my parents, husband and I all requested I be transferred to a different hospital. After checking my insurance they said it was likely because I was not in network. I was told transfer was imminent and transportation was arranged. Unfortunately before I could leave my insurance approved my stay. I spent 3 days on the ward. The experience was dehumanizing. Staff rolled their eyes at me when I made requests for advil. My roommate spent two nights screaming she was dying and that “they” were trying to kill her. For hours she was left to that without assistance. I was sexually harassed repeatedly by other people on the ward. There is no gender specific arrangements. I was evaluated sporadically for temperature, BP, heart rate to see if I was in detox although my blood and urine analysis showed I had nothing in my system. I personally never saw a doctor until the afternoon I was released. She was hostile, completely un-therapeutic and condescending. This is not a place you should go to voluntarily and if you find yourself there involuntarily, good luck. Its a holding tank that offers nothing in the way of mental health care.


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