Lehigh Valley Muhlenberg

Name of Hospital: Lehigh Valley Muhlenberg (Adolescent Unit)

City, State/Province, Country: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States

Number of Stars: 4.5

Comment: When it comes to most psychiatric related programs, my belief is that you get out of it only as much as you put into it. This review may be biased because I put in a ton of work towards recovery during my stay here.

That being said, I feel that Muhlenberg saved my life. There were some nurses that were ill-suited to their professions (as there is anywhere, I think), but all in all the nurses there were amazing and really cared about us.

As far as the actual program, it was group therapy and spending time with the other residents that was most helpful. You can’t really opt out of going to the different therapies throughout the day unless you want to lose privileges. You need 2 days (I believe) of good behavior and attending all of the programs to level up, which gets you things like a later time you can stay up to and more phone calls. If you level up enough you can go outside with your family during visiting hours. Some of the programs that they have are good (pet therapy) and some are boring (bullying awareness). In general, it was really good for me to be around other people all day, even if the task at hand wasn’t intriguing.

Their school program is alright, though it’s only for about an hour and a half each day, and sometimes the psychiatrists will pull you out of it. There were two psychiatrists there when I was a resident. One took everything seriously and the other took nothing seriously, both to the point of annoyance. Personalities aside, they were good at what they did.

My psychiatrists released me before I was stable on my meds, which caused me to break down outside of the hospital and come back a few days later. It might seem like a mistake like that should result in me giving less than 4.5 stars, but the coping tactics I learned and the therapy I got there has truly saved my life.

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): Inpatient

Any other identities/marginalizations (i.e. race/gender/sexuality) that could have influenced your stay?: Bisexual (they were really unbiased about the fact that I was a woman dating a woman and treated everyone the same)

Year(s) : August of 2016

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