San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

Name of Hospital: San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

City, State/Province, Country: San Antonio, TX, USA

Number of Stars: 1.5

Comment: This hospital is outdated and operating like lock-ups of the 70’s. The disrespect the clients discipline for not taking meds, even when someone voluntarily goes there. They keep family away from the patients as well, withholding visitation when behaviors don’t meet their idea of compliance, when it’s the family (and close friends) who are much more likely to know the needs of the patient and help calm them. STAY AWAY!

Type of program (i.e. day program, inpatient): 72 hour hold, inpatient, short-term program

Year(s) : 2015

One thought on “San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

  1. While I was their they did not give me my insulins for my diabetes type 1.The meds given at were
    given all at one time at night.When they were suppose to give me thru out the day.And they removed gabapenten for nerve pain.And I was taking for six years.Some stole my shoes and my
    pajamas in which was brought new for me by my mother who died in April of this year.I was there
    In January 12 -23 of this year and I was there in March of this year .The last time I was there in
    July ,I brought the police with me to show them what was going on ,Instead the police left me there and made false report on me because I was bipolar and I told that I was going to sue them
    as well as this facility.Some of the police work together with this place to give them patients.When they brought there The held me and took my belt and every thing that I was carrying my phone and iPad.And enrolled me back in .This time I was pushed around and when
    I tried to defend myself,4 of the male staff pend me to the floor,their was 3 African Americans and
    and a real big Spanish guy who pushed me to the point 3feet onto the couch.When that happened .I told them if any one does this again,I said I would kill them.One of the guys said I
    would not be able to defend myself.So I approached him and thru him down to the floor but then he got help from 3 other guys.I told them it is good you did this because it is on camera.Then they took me to my room and when I woke up I was in Christus Hospital on Babcock.The said
    that my blood sugar was 20 and they gave me D50,Sugar and water and it 1or 2 hours before
    I woke up.They had a man there from the hospital I was in and take me back.Instend I was taken to Methodist Specialty hospital.
    The problems I had was on the first shift.
    In January it was the 3 shift that would not come to help me off the floor, When I fell off the bed
    In my own urine because I had kidney damage .I had to crawl to the nurses station in my wet
    Pajamas ,only to tell me that they did not have a meter to check my blood sugar.
    I am not finished but I did call Medicare about them being a fraud and they told me to write a letter to Texas Department of State Health Services . And Medicare did not pay their bill.
    Also I spoke to a female administrator but she did not do any for me .So I said I have to
    decide if I am going to sue your company or call channel 4 news .
    She said she does not know what I wanted to be done about it ?

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