News Articles on Whiting Forensic Division (Connecticut Valley Hospital)

Name of Hospital: Whiting Forensic Division (Connecticut Valley Hospital)

Location: Middletown, CT, USA


Hartford Courant, “11 Mental-Health Workers Suspended As Patient Abuse Allegations Probed At Whiting Forensic,” April 2017: “Eleven state mental-health employees have been suspended from their jobs over allegations of patient abuse at the Whiting Forensic Division, a maximum security psychiatric unit on the grounds of Connecticut Valley Hospital. State mental-health officials declined to discuss the nature of the allegations.”

Hartford Courant, “13 of 37 Workers Suspended In Whiting Patient-Abuse Scandal Won’t Be Returning To Their Jobs,” December 2017: “Thirteen of the 37 workers suspended in the patient-abuse scandal at Whiting Forensic Hospital have either been fired or have resigned or retired so far, officials confirmed Wednesday. Included in the 13 are all 10 of the workers charged with felony cruelty counts arising from the prolonged physical abuse of patient William Shehadi.”

New Haven Register, “Staff accused of abuse at state-run hospital claim immunity,” May 2018: “Several staff members accused of abusing a patient over several weeks at Connecticut’s only maximum-security psychiatric hospital are claiming government immunity as a defense against a lawsuit filed by the patient’s brother… Ten staff members at the Whiting Forensic Hospital in Middletown have been criminally charged and more than three dozen have been suspended in connection with abuse allegations involving patient William Shehadi.”

*Please note there were a great deal of articles in mid to late 2017 about Whiting Forensic due to the staff on patient abuse; I have only included a few.

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