About the Blog


This is a blog where people can submit reviews of psychiatric wards at various hospitals. Psych wards are not a great thing generally but some are better than others.  It exists because there doesn’t seem to be a patient based rating system of psych wards – indeed, during the blog founder’s most recent stay at one, a visiting friend said that there “needed to be a Yelp for psych wards.” After leaving the hospital, they made something as close as possible to that suggestion.

Reviews & News Articles

Reviews must be sent in anonymously. To send a review, visit the submit page. If your review does not follow the format it will be declined.

News articles on hospitals can be submitted here.

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Policy on Ableism in Submissions & Comments (and other -isms)

Please do not treat mental health diagnoses with disrespect. Please do not treat any form of disability with disrespect. Please refrain from additional -isms in your submissions and comments, including on race, sexuality, gender, etc.

If you see a post or comment that contains something you feel is ableist or any other form of -ist, feel free to use the form on the Contact page to let us know so we can at least add a moderator’s note or take it down – we probably didn’t mean to let it through, as both submissions and comments are reviewed before posting.


This project is not affiliated with any organizations. The posts on this page represent the views of the people who have been through the psych hospitals.