We are dedicated to hosting submitted reviews of psychiatric hospitals, programs, and facilities. We also collect news articles and compile policy, research, and data. We fill a gap in a centralized patient-based rating system, inspired by the founder’s friend saying, “There needs to be a Yelp for psych wards.”

Reviews must be sent in anonymously. To send a review, visit the submit page. If your review does not follow the format it is subject to being declined. News articles on hospitals can be submitted here.

To contact us with any concerns, comments you don’t want to post publicly, or just to get in touch, use the form on the Contact page.

Admins and Contributors

Kit Mead, Founder and Main Administrator: Kit is a writer on disability and mental health, and a professional disability rights advocate. They are disabled (Autistic), have been a patient in psych hospitals, and have a few different mental health diagnoses. They blog at Paginated Thoughts.