Abuse of Patients: White Paper on Journalistic Language (in progress)

This page will host a white paper (release date to be determined).

The topic is the language journalists use when they write about staff-on-patient abuse in psychiatric facilities. There will be an analysis of language used in over 100 selected news articles. There will also be suggested journalistic guidelines covering staff-on-patient abuse.

  • White Paper: Journalistic Language about Staff-on-Patient Abuse in Psychiatric Facilities [PDF]
  • Data Tables 1a. and 1b. for White Paper [PDF] – Tables inclusive of:
    • Facility names and locations
    • Ten areas of subject matter
    • Article publication name and publication date
    • Total number and percentage of articles per area of subject matter
  • Data Tables 2a. and 2b. for White Paper [PDF] – Tables inclusive of:
    • Article and publication details
    • Language used to describe the abuse
    • Total number and percentages for types of language used