News Articles on KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital

Name of Facility: KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital

Location: Kansas City, KS, USA

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News Articles on Winnebago Mental Health Institute

Name of Facility: Winnebago Mental Health Institute

Location: Winnebago, WI, USA


  • Oshkosh Northwestern, “Oshkosh mental health center makes changes after death,” August 2015: “The citations were for inadequately documenting of nursing care; not following a sufficiently individualized treatment plan; and using a restraint incompatible with a pre-existing medical condition. Erik Haak, 33, died as the result of a June 5 incident at the center, during which staff members were trying to restrain him and he stopped breathing.”

News Articles on Buffalo Psychiatric Center

Name of Facility: Buffalo Psychiatric Center

Location: Buffalo, NY, USA


News Articles on Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health

Name of Facility: Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health

Location: Tulsa, OK, USA


  • BuzzFeed, Videos Show the Dark Side of Shadow Mountain,” April 2017: Oklahoma Department of Health investigating Shadow Mountain. “The state has repeatedly put the facility on probation, citing allegations ranging from… medication errors to failure to report incidents of sexual misconduct.” The facility’s director also physically restrained children, “putting them into holds that a nationally recognized expert described as unwarranted and dangerous.” And to be head nurse, “Shadow Mountain hired a person who had been disciplined three times by the state medical board.”

News Articles on Whiting Forensic Division (Connecticut Valley Hospital)

Name of Hospital: Whiting Forensic Division (Connecticut Valley Hospital)

Location: Middletown, CT, USA


News Articles on St Gabriel’s Ward (St Canice’s Hospital) and St Luke’s General Hospital

Name of Hospitals: St Gabriel’s Ward (St Canice’s Hospital) and St Luke’s (Kilkenny City)

Location: Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Leinster Province, Ireland


News Articles on Western State Hospital (Va.)

Name of Hospital: Western State Hospital

Location: Staunton, VA, USA


  • News Leader, “Deadly restraint by Western State,” November 2015: “A report claims that a woman’s death in 2013 was caused, in part, by her being kept in restraints for nearly a month at Western State Hospital in Staunton, according to the Disability Law Center of Virginia.”