Currently accepting submissions for inpatient stays, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient programs, and residential treatment programs

You may also submit news articles about hospitals here.

Guidelines and Expectations

  1. Describe your experience anonymously. No names or breaches of privacy.
  2. Due to HIPAA/health privacy laws and consent concerns, submissions must be by the person who stayed in the ward. Reviews created with support from others are fine.
  3. Be respectful of others’ identities (i.e. race/gender/sexuality/disability) and communities people belong to.
  4. Please do not include graphic details of any suicide attempts (i.e. method). References to method of suicide attempts will be removed.
  5. Moderators will not edit the submission except occasional copy editing, to add paragraph breaks for accessibility, or remove specific people’s names from the review, and the policy in #4.

Declined Submissions and Disclaimer

  1. Declined Submissions: Depending on the volume of submissions it could take at least several days for us to look at and schedule a review. Please wait a week for your submission to appear before asking. If you contact us, we may have felt that edits were needed. If suggested edits are followed up on, you may re-submit.
  2. Moderators have final discretion over what gets posted.
  3. Submissions that do not meet the format will be most likely be DECLINED.

Submitting Through Tumblr or Email

You may also submit on the Psych Ward Reviews Tumblr or to For emails please use the subject header “Psych Ward Reviews Submission” or something similar. Please use the guidelines above and the required format.

Submitting through the Form Field 

What to Write in the Form Field

  1. Name of hospital (required)
  2. City/state, province etc./country (required)
  3. Rate out of five stars with one being the worst (required)
  4. Describe your experience and give an overall picture of the psych ward (required)
  5. Type of program (day program/partial hospitalization, outpatient, residential treatment, inpatient?) (required)
  6. Any other identities (i.e. race/gender/sexuality/other mental health needs and disabilities) that could have influenced your stay? (optional)
  7. Year(s) the experience took place, if you remember (not the amount of time) (optional)

Tips for Describing Your Experience

Things to write about could include but are not limited to: how well staff treated you; amount and quality  of activities provided for groups and general entertainment; and/or how restrictive the environment was.