Terms of Submission


We are accept submissions for inpatient, partial hospitalization, outpatient, and residential treatment. You should describe your experience without identifying yourself or others. You should not include prejudiced views in your submission. Do not include specifics of any suicide attempts, such as method. Submissions must be by the person who stayed in the facility, but reviews written with support from others are fine.

Rights and Legal

You can ask about the status of your submission, but we reserve the right to decline submissions without explanation. We reserve the right to edit for clarity and remove references to suicide attempts. Submissions that do not meet the required guidelines and format are subject to being declined or edited. Submitting a review indicates your agreement with the information on our legal page.

The Form Field 

“Description of experience” is for describing your experience, such as how staff treated you, quality of groups and therapy, how restrictive the environment was, and if your treatment was by consent or coercive.

Reminder: Submitting a review means you have read and agree with the information on our legal page.