Submissions scheduled; updating the category and tags system

The location categories have been converted to tags, and I am working on adding these additional categories to posts as applicable:

  • Patient death
  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • State level action
  • Issues with restraint and seclusion
  • CMS action
  • Sexual abuse
  • Lawsuit by patient or family
  • Reform
  • Emotional and verbal abuse
  • Bias and prejudice
  • Privacy and HIPAA concerns

The categories “Review,” “News Articles,” “Inpatient,” “Partial hospitalization and outpatient programs,” and “Residential treatment program and/or facility,” remain unchanged.

Under the “Review” category, I am working on adding the subcategory Star Rating and then “1 Star,” “1.5 Stars,” “2 Stars,” as further subcategories.

The relevant site pages will be updated accordingly after all the changes are finished.

Update: (Partially) moving off hiatus!

Hi there folks!

Thanks for bearing with the long absence. I am now going to be posting submissions regularly again, though the other projects will remain largely on hiatus. I will also be answering any emails that I haven’t gotten to during the time away.

Some stuff has calmed down for me, and there are renewed pushes for institutional care going on. So I feel like now is a pretty good time to come off the hiatus.


Psych Ward Reviews Is Going On Hiatus

As you may have noticed, the projects and postings have slowed down as of late. I apologize for this. There have been some obstacles in my personal life to managing the site. As a result, I am placing Psych Ward Reviews on a hiatus. I expect to end the hiatus sometime in December 2017.

The hiatus means all policy projects, news article gathering, and social media updates will pause. You can still submit reviews, but they will not be posted until the hiatus ends. If you are a Patreon supporter, it would probably be best to at least temporarily end your contributions. I feel it unethical to continue to receive them during this time.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

We have a newsletter!

We’ve started a monthly newsletter via email that will include the latest site updates, and news from around the web. It’s through MailChimp, and you can sign up to get the newsletter here. You can view the April newsletter here. We will not share your email.

(In addition, we’re currently revamping the tags/categories system on the site, since there were over 300 categories, making it an unwieldy search function – Bear with us!)

Daily Dot article on Psych Ward Reviews out; collections of research updated

New article on Psych Ward Reviews out at the Daily Dot

A new article is out at the Daily Dot with a feature on Psych Ward Reviews. Subjects include the potential ACA repeal, mental health care overall, aspects of psychiatric ward failures, and the purpose of the site. You can read it here. It’s important to get the perspective and site out there!

We have updated our collections of outside research!

This is the research we’ve been able to find without academic access. The pages for outside policy, research, and data that have been updated are:


Estimated release date for the original policy toolkit on quality of patient care is now April. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Policy, Research, and Data

Psych Ward Reviews wants to provide access to information on quality of care in many ways. We currently have:

  • 261 reviews of 213 facilities.
  • News articles for 8 facilities that also have reviews.
  • News articles for 61 additional facilities.
  • Links to inpatient facility ratings from a federal health care agency.

Please note the page “CMS Inpatient Ratings and Research Study” has been divided into two pages. They are now “Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Ratings” and “TJC Core Quality Indicators Data (based on CMS data).” 

We have more research and data we want to create or provide links to:

What else do you think we should put on the site? We’re open to input!

News article collection, page with CMS inpatient ratings, and more

To best increase accountability and give the most information possible:

  • Collection of news articles making progress
  • New guidelines on news article submissions
  • Page with CMS inpatient facility ratings based on core quality indicators

News Articles

I have 15 more hospital news articles in a document to review, but for now, here is the running list of hospitals we’ve found news articles about allegations of abuse against patients, neglect, and insurance fraud on. Some new guidelines on what kinds of articles and reports we’ll take for that submissions feature are now up. They’re mostly about how recent articles need to be and article subject matter.

Page for Inpatient Core Quality Indicators

There’s a new page for inpatient core quality indicators and an explanation of what those are. There is a link to ratings from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). A foreseeable upcoming feature is a downloadable dataset on TJC core quality indicators from a research study.

Other Updates

I currently am up to date on all reviews that have been received and also have updated the “view all hospital reviews” page. I fixed the “Facebook Group Policies” PDF link as I had put a broken link there by mistake and have added a sitemap under the “About and Site Usage.” There are new categories, “reviews” and “news articles,” available under the categories drop-down and under “View Reviews and News Articles.”