Inova Loudoun Hospital – Cornwall Campus

Name of Facility: Inova Loudoun Hospital – Cornwall Campus

Location of Facility (City, State/Province, Country): Leesburg, VA, United States

Number of Stars: 3.5

Description of Experience: I stayed at Inova Loudoun – Cornwall voluntarily twice. First, when I was suicidal, and second, after a suicide attempt. Both times I was told (first time – by my outpatient PHP program and second time – by the attending physician at the “regular” hospital) had I not been voluntarily admitted, they would have me involuntarily admitted.

I’ve never been at another facility so it’s hard to compare, but reading some of the reviews here, it is likely one of the better facilities. There is group twice a day. They separate those needing more security from those needing less (although I was moved to the more secure side once due to them running out of rooms — those on the “secure” side for space reasons were allowed to the other side whenever they wanted, but needed to find a staff member to open the door). They have a TV, some DVDs, puzzles, coloring, board games, and books to pass the time. They encourage interaction among the patients.

If you are there involuntarily or from a hospital transfer, they provide you with scrubs to wear. Your family/friends can then provide clothes for you. They have to be checked not to have any ties/laces, etc. You cannot have your cell phone. Phones are turned off overnight and during group times. Group met twice per day. There was also a morning check-in and usually some activity (chair yoga, collages) once per day. You saw a doctor every couple days maybe — not on weekends.

The staff for the most part seemed to do their jobs well. Some were a bit jaded but there were few like that. Most did not treat you as a person (patient only), but some did. The social workers seemed to care.

My first time, I was under the impression that the hospital stay was for healing. I learned that it is not – it is for stabilization. The second time, I just treated it as something to get through, and I did quickly.

I highly believe that peer crisis centers would be better than psych wards for suicidality. Hospital stays keep us safe, but they add to the trauma as well.

Type of Program (inpatient, outpatient, residential, etc.): Inpatient

Year(s) Your Experience(s) Occurred (i.e. 2015): 2016, 2017