Salt Lake Behavioral Health

Name of Facility: Salt Lake Behavioral Health

Location of Facility (City, State/Province, Country): Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Number of Stars: 3

Description of Experience: I don’t actually expect hospitals to make me better, but I do expect that they don’t make me worse. This hospital hires undereducated techs. The groups are a joke. The worst thing got me is that I was suffering from extreme anxiety and they refused to let me go anywhere but the noisy, crowded day room. When I left my anxiety was worse than it had ever been in my life. A doctor tried to commit me to the state hospital and I was lucky to avoid it. This hospital focuses on nothing but profit.

Type of Program (inpatient, outpatient, residential, etc.): inpatient

Anything that might have impacted your stay? i.e. being LGBTQ+: I was homeless