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We’ve started a monthly newsletter via email that will include the latest site updates, and news from around the web. It’s through MailChimp, and you can sign up to get the newsletter here. You can view the April newsletter here. We will not share your email.

(In addition, we’re currently revamping the tags/categories system on the site, since there were over 300 categories, making it an unwieldy search function – Bear with us!)

News article collection, page with CMS inpatient ratings, and more

To best increase accountability and give the most information possible:

  • Collection of news articles making progress
  • New guidelines on news article submissions
  • Page with CMS inpatient facility ratings based on core quality indicators

News Articles

I have 15 more hospital news articles in a document to review, but for now, here is the running list of hospitals we’ve found news articles about allegations of abuse against patients, neglect, and insurance fraud on. Some new guidelines on what kinds of articles and reports we’ll take for that submissions feature are now up. They’re mostly about how recent articles need to be and article subject matter.

Page for Inpatient Core Quality Indicators

There’s a new page for inpatient core quality indicators and an explanation of what those are. There is a link to ratings from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). A foreseeable upcoming feature is a downloadable dataset on TJC core quality indicators from a research study.

Other Updates

I currently am up to date on all reviews that have been received and also have updated the “view all hospital reviews” page. I fixed the “Facebook Group Policies” PDF link as I had put a broken link there by mistake and have added a sitemap under the “About and Site Usage.” There are new categories, “reviews” and “news articles,” available under the categories drop-down and under “View Reviews and News Articles.”

Becoming a more Comprehensive Site (update Jan. 11, 2017)

Exciting changes are happening: submission options for news articles on hospitals, Psych Ward Reviews in the news, and information on core quality measures! 


I want to make the site more comprehensive and include as much data as possible – thus giving people more information to make decisions, and furthering the goal of holding hospitals accountable – I am initiating the following changes:

Submission Options Now Include Hospital News Articles

If you find a news article on any psychiatric hospitals – including but not limited to ones you may have been at – you may now submit it for our collection of articles!

Upcoming Collection of News Articles

In addition to taking submissions, I’m adding articles I find and also articles collected courtesy of Morgan Shields and their team – authors of the study mentioned in my Establishment article assessing the quality of inpatient services.  They have collected a great many articles. Article collection (page link) will be both for hospitals with reviews on the site and those without.

Ideas: Possible Upcoming Information on Core Quality Measures

Also possibly upcoming is a data table on core quality indicators for a large number of psychiatric hospitals in the United States. Many, if not most, of the reviewed hospitals will be on this data table – and others that are not yet reviewed will be on there if this comes to fruition.

Some Site Reformatting

I have added the pages for submitting and news article collection, and also have added some pages and links that have all reviews listed, and all news articles listed. I have modified the Categories and Tags page to be Searching the Site. It has an updated explanation of how I use the categories and tags, and an updated explanation of searching the site. It no longer has the list of hospitals – that is now under “View All Reviews.”

Upcoming Articles Regarding Psych Ward Reviews

Psych Ward Reviews will soon be featured in another multimedia outlet, and also possibly featured elsewhere on the web. More info to come!

Updates 1/8/17

If you have submitted a review before 9:30 AM on 1/8/17, your post has been reviewed. I have scheduled all accepted submissions and there are posts scheduled up to February 10, 2017. The categories and tags page was last updated on 1/7/17; it will be updated again sometime soon to reflect newly scheduled submissions and content that is now posted. Modifications to the submission page are that year(s) are now an optional field. The year(s) field is to record what year you were in the facility if you remember.

Contact page submissions: several people have contacted me regarding making an official platform for the site. I’m still considering this and am not yet sure what I’m doing there.  Right now I’m just upgrading the plan for the blog to get its own domain name on WordPress. There are also a lot exciting ideas that have come through the contact field that I’ll update on if any of them come to fruition.



Article on Psych Ward Reviews and Other Updates

  • I recently published an article in the Establishment about Psych Ward Reviews, which can be found here.
  • The article has brought in an influx of submissions. If you have submitted before 9:10 pm US Eastern on 1/3/17, your post has been reviewed. I have scheduled all accepted submissions to post twice a day. Your post might take a while to show up, as there were quite a few and I’m scheduled almost until the end of January.
  • If you have submitted a “contact” form, I will be answering those tomorrow.
  • I also updated the categories and tags page recently so that it no longer contains the giant list of every category. I will be updating the hospital tag lists tomorrow.
  • Lastly, we have some new followers! If you are a new follower, please read the site content warning.

Updates to Submission Guidelines

Please note the following guidelines have been added:

10. Please do not talk about any other mental health needs you do not have in an ableist (discriminatory) manner.

Please note the following field has been added as an option to fill out:

Any other identities/marginalizations i.e. race/gender/sexuality that could have influenced your stay?

(Those of you who have already submitted need not re-submit with this information).

Thank you for reading!